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Misuse of Zoo Negara's Name Brand and Logo Image


Malaysian Zoological Society (MZS) would like to caution members of the public on a recent modus operandi by persons or firms conducting fraudulent activities using the Zoo Negara’s name brand and logo image. These fraudsters typically aim to deceive the public that they have been appointed to act on MZS behalf to organize Zoo Walk and collect fees from parties interested to participate in the walk.


MZS does not appoint third party individuals, companies or firms as representatives, agents or middleman to represent, act, negotiate or conduct any business dealings on our behalf.


It has been brought to our attention that the e-brochures and promotional documents containing Zoo Negara’s name and logo. These were NOT issued by MZS and the use of our brand name and logo in any of these materials are unauthorised and fraudulent.


We urge members of the public to be vigilant of any letters, brochures or any other form of communication in relation to Zoo Walk. Please obtain confirmation by emailing us at marketing@zoonegaramalaysia.my.





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