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Job Title : General Worker

Salary Scale : RM 1,500.00 - RM 2,875.00



* Minimum SPM holder

* Age 18 years old and above

* Ability to read and write in Bahasa Malaysia to enable understand and follow written instruction and write simple report on his work area including animal behavior and enclosures needs

* Ability to observe animal behavior patterns to enable alert supervisors of unusual behavior

* Ability to undertake basic animal health treatment

* Ability to handle animals in normal circumstances

* Ability to exhibit and behave courteously to visitors

* Ability to work as a team with other keepers to ensure high quality animal care



* To feed the animals with food provided by the kitchen

* To provide continuous supply of clean water

* To keep animal clean (where it is safe to do)

* To help safely handle the animals to enable to facilitate feeding, cleaning and administer basic health treatment

* To constantly observe animal behavior and accurately record behavior patterns and report unusual behavior to the supervisors

* To regularly clean enclosure and dispose of animal droppings and any unwanted debris

* To prevent encroachment by pests that would endanger animals’ health and safety

* To inspect animal enclosure, identity areas that require maintenance and repairs, undertake minor repairs and report major discrepancies to the senior keeper

* To check and securely lock animal enclosures at all times

* To ensure visitors view and observe the animal safely

* To treat visitors with courtesy and to provide necessary assistance

* To provide correct information or direct visitors to locations for more complex



* Quarters

* Laundry Allowance

* Transportation Allowance

* Meal

* Panel clinic

* Dental

* Insurance



Interested applicants should submit a detailed curriculum vitae, recent photo, current & expected salary and contact number by email to hrd@zoonegaramalaysia.my




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Zoo Negara, Hulu Kelang, 68000 Ampang Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

For enquiries, please call : +603-4108 3422/7/8 Fax : +603-4107 5375

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