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Exhibits - Children's World



Children’s World is a place where you can let your young ones run around the place while getting their senses stimulated. It is a place where your child(ren) pet the deer, goats, and miniature horses. Spend time learning 1, 2. 3 by counting the rabbits or tortoises in their exhibits with your child(ren).


Explore the mini cave also located at the Children’s World. Compare the size of the elephant’s foot and tooth or find out the colour of the emu’s egg. Be ready to be surprised!


The Cave


It is an honour for Zoo Negara to announce to everyone that the Children’s World upgraded one of its corners –known as ‘the Cave’, to attract the curious mind of both adults and the young ones.

Do come and explore the Cave to see the artifacts inside. Compare the different skulls of the primates or even check out the body parts of various animals!

We look forward to see you there!

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