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Prayer Room


An air-conditioned prayer room is provided with ample space situated nearby the zoo’s main entrance.



Zoo Huts


There are a number of zoo huts around the zoo for you and your family to have a break. Try locating the air-conditioned ones!



Free Public WiFi


Do you like being online all the time? Stay connected with our free wifi that is available at the main entrance, show amphitheatre and Giant Panda Conservation Centre.





A wheelchair service on a first come first served basis is available at the Information Counter B. Rental fee is RM5.00 and a refundable deposit for RM50.00 is required.





A baby stroller service is available now at our new stroller station. This baby stroller is sponsored by Mother Care.


Stroller service is available at the Information Counter B on a first come first served basis. Rental fee is RM20.00. A refundable deposit of RM50.00 is required.





The lockers are available at Ticket Counter for storage of personal belongings. Rental fee is RM2.00.

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Zoo Negara, Hulu Kelang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

For enquiries, please call : +603-4108 3422/7/8 Fax : +603-4107 5375

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